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New Hall of Fame members


Congratulations to the newest members of the Purcell Sports Hall of Fame.

In that vein, a special event is scheduled for halftime of Friday’s football game between Purcell and CHA.

The newest class of the Hall will be introduced.

The committee of Matt Haley, Kelly Nemecek, Dick Gray, Tommy Smith, Candice Clark, Randy Belicek and Mike Wilson is pleased with the 2021 class and are already working on the 2022 class.

The committee welcomes any living Hall of Fame members and members of their families to join in the festivities.

Those present will be introduced, according to Nemecek.

The new class, complete with  biographies and some vintage photos are in this week’s Purcell Register on pages 6B and 7B.


For the first time in my memory the grass didn’t go dormant during July or August.

And usually by September the air cools off and rain is more prevalent.

Well that hasn’t been the case this year and the Bermuda grass has finally taken all the heat and no moisture it can.

So the yards that aren’t watered are white as of the end of the month.

Rain was in the forecast with important school related activities also in the forecast.

Wednesday and Thursday Purcell and Washington are hosting Regional softball tournaments and this Friday is Purcell’s 2021 football homecoming.

So as badly as we need the moisture hopefully the rain can come around planned activities.


With cargo ships stacked up like box cars on a train at ports everywhere stores are starting to run low on inventory.

Some store are already limiting the amount of toilet tissue you can purchase and the word is out to start your Christmas shopping sooner rather than later.

And speaking of Christmas, I know of one five-year-old who has already told his mother on more than one occasion he may need to take melatonin on Christmas Eve if he wants to go to sleep.

That’s what I call planning ahead.


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