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Mother Nature loves May


It’s almost like magic.

As soon as the calendar changes to May – presto, changeo severe weather hits the fan.

The opening salvo was Monday, May 2, when tornadoes were abundant across the state.

We were not immune to the severe weather when a super cell with a tornado signature came into Dibble prompting Purcell City Officials to sound the sirens here and in Lexington.

Luckily there was no hail to go with the .7” that came via the storm.

Additional stormy weather was predicted for Wednesday and I’m sure for days on end beyond.

Mother Nature sure loves the month of May in Oklahoma.

For the past two years the tornado season has been unusually quiet.

But storm predictors this year are saying we may be going back to a more normal and much stronger tornado season this year.

In 2021 there were 289 tornadoes nationwide, which is slightly above average.

However, oddly none of them was an EF3 or higher.

It was the first May since 1919 with no EF3 tornadoes or higher.

Only eight of those tornadoes managed to climb to an EF2 rating.


I had a thought on the government relieving student loan debt.

I’m all for it, especially if the government is willing to pay us back for what we spent on our children’s education.

The government might want to really think this one through because it could open up a whole new can of worms.



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