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Close call with lightning


Lightning didn’t miss our house by very far Sunday evening when that thunderstorm rolled through.

One bolt of lightning lit up our television room like a Christmas Tree and with the flash of bright light came the crack of thunder at the exact same time.

It brought me right up off the couch.

The storm dumped 1.8” of rain at our house and we lost power briefly three times.

Not your normal July 18.

But hold on, summer is coming and in a big way.

Highs starting Saturday are in the mid to high 90s with some triple digit temperatures in the forecast.


Every year when the Fourth of July rolls around it seems like it’s lickety split until school starts.

Football practice starts for high schoolers August 9, the same day teachers report for in-service duties.

Classes begin August 11 at Wayne and August 12 for Purcell, Washington and Lexington.

Now it really is right around the corner.


Interesting news last week out of the Big 12 Media Days when Big 12 officials said it would be a penalty if an opposing player does the “horns down” to a Texas player.

That is a violation but it’s okay for them to use crude language about OU in their fight song.



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