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Scammer hits in Purcell

In parking lot of Tractor Supply


Just after 4 p.m. December 1 Edward Howard Dorgan was in the parking lot of Tractor Supply, 1620 N. Green Avenue when he was approached by an individual selling televisions.
Purcell Police reported the man told Dorgan he had been installing televisions and stereos at a Norman hotel and had some left over.
He told Dorgan he had just sold one to a woman but would give him a better deal. The unidentified man offered to sell Dorgan two TVs and a surround sound.
He said they were a $900 value but he would sell to Dorgan for $400.
After Dorgan paid the $400 he opened one of the boxes that was supposed to be a TV and it turned out to be a piece of wood, perfectly cut to fit into the box and make it heavy like the appliance was in the box.
He took the boxes to the Purcell Police Station where detectives found all the boxes to have fake products inside.
There was no age or address provided for Dorgan.
Police warn the public never to purchase anything in a parking lot.
A similar scam occurred in Davis the same day.


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