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Curious Kids

From thousands to millions to billions to trillions to quadrillions and beyond: Do numbers ever end?

The number zero was a relatively recent and crucial addition − it allows numbers to extend in both directions forever. pixel_dreams/iStock via Getty Images Plus …

Why aren’t there solar-powered cars?

Solar cars exist. The best place to see them is the World Solar Challenge, a race that’s held every two years in Australia. Competitors have to drive about 1,870 miles (3,000 kilometers), from Darwin on the country’s north coast to Adelaide on its south coast, using only energy from the Sun. ...

How do airplanes fly? An aerospace engineer explains the physics of flight

U.S. airlines carry more than 800 million passengers per year. Lasha Kilasonia/iStock via Getty Images Plus Curious Kids is a series for children of all ages. If …
Kids & Family

New Musical Toy Collection Aims to Aid in Child Development

(BPT) - Tiny Love® is an award-winning global toy and baby products’ company that puts special emphasis on baby’s development. With Tiny Love’s new Tiny Rockers collection, …

Still haven't filed your taxes? You've got this! 7 tips to help you get it done

(BPT) - Haven't filed your taxes yet? It's coming down to the wire, but there's still time. You've got this! File instantly, even on April 15, when you do it online, and get your refund quickly, too …

Why young adults need to be empowered to advocate for their own healthcare choices

(BPT) - Sponsored by SanofiFor many people, young adulthood is a time filled with newfound independence and responsibility. Reality begins to set in, with “adulting” tasks becoming part …

What's been considered America's 'gold standard' of autism therapy may not work — and those who have been through it are pushing back

The 74 does a deep dive into applied behavior analysis for autism therapy, its history, progression, and studies' results throughout the years.

Mindfulness tips to support early learners’ development now

(BPT) - While mindfulness once felt like a wellness trend, it’s become a way of life for adults hoping to maintain healthier routines, be intentional in their work and handle daily stresses …

More news about your kids and family

Students with disabilities are referred to law enforcement twice as often as their peers

Marker Learning used data from the NCES Civil Rights Data Collection to illustrate the disproportionate way schools and police punish children with learning disabilities.

Three teaching tips from a top pre-K educator

The Hechinger Report spoke with Berol Dewdney, Maryland's 2023 teacher of the year, about how she spends time building routines and connections.
Spilling the Secrets to Early Literacy
(Family Features) While there are no shortcuts to early literacy, consider these steps parents can take to promote the development of children's reading abilities.
Growing quickly helped the earliest dinosaurs and other ancient reptiles flourish in the aftermath of mass extinction
It may be hard to imagine, but once upon a time, dinosaurs didn’t dominate their world. When they first originated, they were just small, two-legged carnivores overshadowed by a diverse array of other reptiles. …
10 game-changing strategies for finding the right summer camp
(BPT) - With the days growing longer and warmer, securing a suitable camp for your child can feel like an impossible task. However, finding the perfect camp experience for your kid this summer …
An Ode-r to Equipment Managers, Starring Alex Rodriguez
(BPT) - Lysol debuts "The Lost Bet" video to celebrate equipment managers and showcase Lysol® Laundry Sanitizer as the MVP for beating the stink.
3 ways to maximize nutrition in your baby's diet
(BPT) - As a parent, it's normal to be focused on your baby getting enough of the nutrients their little bodies need to grow and thrive. Once babies are eating solid food, it's the perfect time to …
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