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Purcell second at Chickasha powerlifting meet


Purcell’s Dragons finished second as a team at the recent Chickasha Powerlifting Meet.

Individuals competing with their finishes and amount of weight they lifted include Titus Mason placed second in the 168 pound class with a squat of 405, bench of 230 and a deadlift of 440 for a 1,075 total.  Rowan Ardery placed second in the 181 pound class with a squat of 385, bench of 245 and deadlift of 450 for a 1,080 total.  Zicorrie Davis placed second in the 220 pound class with a squat of 405 bench of 225 and deadlift of 405 for a total of 1,080.  Jake Scott placed second in the 242 pound class with a 375 squat, 225 bench and 350 deadlift for a 950 total. Ty Jasperson placed third in the 145 pound class with a 320 squat, 145 bench and 340 deadlift for a 805 total.

Luke Edelman placed third in the 181 pound class with a squat of 370, bench of 200 and deadlift of 420 for a 990 total.  Adam Edelman placed fifth in the 168 pound class with a 350 squat, 230 bench and 375 deadlift for a 955 total.

Others who lifted were Jonathan Minor, Payson Purcell, Jace Clary, Derek Cravens, Payton Rivera and Hunter Shaw.

“All lifters set some sort of personal record in one or more of the powerlifts and or total,” coach Kurt Gray said.


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