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News from the City of Purcell


From the Purcell Municipal Court Clerk’s Office

The Municipal Court Clerk’s office is located inside the Police Department. After receiving a citation from a Purcell Police Officer, Animal Control Officer, or citizen complaint defendants will be issued a court date located on the citation.

Municipal court is held on most Wednesdays in the afternoon. All defendants do have the option to pay the citation in full before the court date to avoid having to physically come to court. If a defendant fails to appear in court or pay as ordered, an additional citation and a bench warrant will be issued.

There are several ways to may payments (listed below). For any questions or concerns on the court process or citations you can contact the court clerk at (405) 527-4616.

Ways to Make Payments

Debit/Credit Card: Online at www.trafficpayment.com or toll free at (800) 444-1187.

Cash: At the court clerk window (located inside the police department).

Exact Cash with a copy of your citation to Dispatch (located inside the police department) check/money order mailed to: Purcell Municipal Court, 1515 N Green Ave., Purcell, OK 73080.

All checks and money orders need to be made out to The City of Purcell.


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