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In her own words

Sarah Jones on coaching Coty Sessions in wrestling


I came into this wrestling gig with zero knowledge and zero expectations of what the next four months would look like. I came in with the goal of feeding her positivity. I came out with so much more than just learning that a reversal will give you two points, what “breakdowns” are, or “pin” is actually called a “fall”. I will never know everything, about any sport, but I am always willing to grow. During this opportunity with Coty, I grew so much as a person and a coach and for that I am thankful.

I wouldn’t have been able to sit in her corner if it wasn’t for Mr. Jason Sanders and coach David Sikes being in contact with OSSAA and directing me to make sure all the correct stuff is in order for her to participate. I want to express my appreciation to all my wrestling coaching buddies (I have those now haha). Justin DeAngelis, Shelby Morrison, and Bri Jansing at Norman North have absolutely poured into Coty and without them, she wouldn’t have made it as far as she did. Devin Jansing (114 pound), her practice partner, made Coty better and Coty made her better. Her parents Holly and Jake Fuller have instilled her work ethic, grit, and heart into that girl that was unbelievable to see. I want to express my appreciation to them for allowing me the opportunity to be her school representative. I will not call myself a coach until I trust myself with running a practice. I also want to let them know I appreciate them for trusting me and teaching me all the ways of wrestling and for allowing me to be a small part of making this season happen.

Coty had a lot on her shoulders and felt that she was going to let the town down but what she needs to know is how incredibly proud of her we all are. She absolutely had the biggest fan club at Regionals and State. She introduced us to an entirely new world and the ride was so much fun. She is absolutely going to do great things on the wrestling mat (and in softball) but most importantly she is going to just dominate in life. Her future's so bright and even though we didn’t finish the way we planned, we have already made goals for 2023 and I can’t wait to see her crush them.

Sarah Jones


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