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Unwanted visitor


We had a surprise and unwanted visitor at the newspaper office the other morning.

Angie Ivey was in the office early last Friday doing her job of cleaning up the inside of the newspaper.

All of a sudden a mouse appeared and gave Angie quite a fright.

Angie sent Gracie a text saying, “I was screaming and then it was taunting me. I’m not even kidding.

“At one point, it just sat there and stared at me. I hate mice.”

Angie said the rodent was scurrying around “everywhere”.

She first saw the mouse come out from under a table where the staff eats carry out food from local restaurants for lunch.

Maybe we had left some crumbs for the little fella.

Then, Angie reported it went toward my station and into the front bathroom of the building.

Angie stuck around and finished her job, something our advertising manager Vickie Foraker said would not have happened if she had been doing the cleaning.

“If that had been me, I’d have been out the door,” Vickie said later that day.

I’m not sure you can hate mice any more than Vickie.

Back when John Denny was in college he had a pet ball python that would have to be fed live mice.

One day John Denny had been to the store to purchase food for Milo.

The three little mice were in a box on the front counter.

Vickie walked in and noticed the box and started investigating what was inside.

When she got the lid pulled up the blood curdling scream was probably heard in Lexington.

With all that said I got my orders to get some traps set to take care of the problem.

Wish me luck.


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