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Things you can’t Google


Let me save you some time this evening when it’s time for the news to come on.

Here’s the line up: 1. Baltimore bridge out. 2. Donald Trump’s latest trial update. 3. Joe Biden’s latest gaffe. 4. The Royals have health issues.

Pretty much sums it up.

Good night!


I just read where the small town of Ridgely, MD, population 1,600, canned all of their police officers.

For the life of me I don’t get the defunding of police.

There are some basic needs for communities like firefighters, police officers, doctors and the like.

It’s really baffling as to why some communities are doing away with law enforcement.

I’m sure the bad guys are loving it.


1982 Purcell grad Scott Barger and Dr. Casey Gerber, an Assistant Professor of Music at OU, are collaborating on a research project about early day community bands.

They were in Purcell last Saturday to peruse artifacts at the McClain County Historical Museum.

They also paid a visit to The Register for a short session.

Their project is a perfect example of the value of newspapers.

Without clippings and old photos out of newspapers they would not be able to do their research project.

You can look forward to our story and art about the community band research project in next week’s Purcell Register.

Along those same lines, recently an attorney researching old litigation used the newspaper’s files to satisfy questions he was having.

Those are the things you cannot Google.


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