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There’s not enough lipstick


Long-time county commissioner Wilson Lyles told me months ago that one of his biggest fears about the southeast corner of Grant and Green Avenue was for the property to fall into the wrong hands and something ugly or obtrusive to be constructed on it.

That concern was fueled last week around town when it was rumored the city was going to put the “city yard” on the property after rejecting all bids for the property.

There was even a rumor one of the councilmen said they could build a six foot fence around it.

Mary Kay and Revlon combined don’t have enough lipstick to make that pig look good.

But, good news!

Mayor Graham Fishburn told me Tuesday that putting the city yard on that property is not on the table.

Fishburn said if the city continues to grow the current city hall office space would be insufficient to house all of the staff and a new office building could be in the future on the old PMH site.

He confirmed the council really doesn’t know what may come of the property where the old hospital is located.

He said they could still sell it or even turn it into office space for different city departments.

He also said a new library may be considered but he did say putting city equipment for housing is not on the table.



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