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Sanctuary stripped down


The start of last Sunday morning started off as benign as the previous one.

We went to church and it started at 11 a.m. just like it has for years.

But once the last service of the day was in the history books things suddenly changed in a big way at Our Lady of Victory Catholic Church.

In a matter of an hour and a half the inside of our sanctuary was completely stripped down to the tile.

Statues, candle sticks and crucifixes were all taken out as were all of the pews and the carpet pulled up.

The whole inside of the church was removed and it looked really weird in its totally  naked state.

For the next several months we will have church services in the fellowship hall while a down-to-the-studs remodeling of the sanctuary is underway.

It’s definitely going to be a challenge.


Patience isn’t one of my strong suits.

And that’s putting it mildly. Just the other day I was driving down Green Avenue and got boxed in behind a couple of cars that were going at least 10 mph under the speed limit.

Neither one would creep up to the speed limit and neither one change lanes to allow other motorists get around them.

Needless to say bad drivers are a pain in the sides of many and these two cars were definitely in my way.

And speaking of bad drivers, how much effort does it take to signal when you are going to make a turn?

I guess some people are so lazy they won’t even make the effort to signal.

And then there are the drivers who need to go back to driver’s education.

Countless times I have had people making left turns ahead of vehicles that are going straight at the corner of Main and Green.

Apparently some folks have forgotten that if you are making a left turn you have to yield to traffic that is going straight.

Maybe the driver’s education class might teach them to signal as well.



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