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Quit switching back and forth


I haven’t heard of one person who is kicking up their heels about changing the clocks and losing an hour of sleep.

With it almost unanimous that folks are tired of changing their clocks twice a year, I wish Congress would get the message and leave it one way or the other.

If folks want Daylight Saving then let’s have it the year around or vice versa.

Those of us in the Geritol set have a difficult enough time sleeping at night when we are in our schedules much less throwing in a time change.

And that is secondary to the health issues associated with the change in time.

During the week after the shift to DST, research shows an associated rise in cardiovascular disease, with a 24 percent higher risk of heart attacks.

Injuries, including a six percent spike in fatal car accidents and stroke rates increase by eight percent, according to medical experts.

It’s high time to quit switching back and forth.


Purcell’s City Council should utilize the Parks and Recreation Department and maybe funds from the hotel and motel tax to invest in and fix up the softball and baseball fields.

Some shaded areas, bleachers and stairs from the road down to the playing surfaces would go a long way toward enticing tournaments to be held here.

We’ve got motel rooms for teams that travel too far to commute and are missing the boat on opportunities for revenue-producing events.

Towns that have better facilities are cashing in on little league tournaments left and right.

It is something which the city council should take a serious look for consideration.



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