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OSSAA at it again


I can’t believe my ears and eyes.

When almost everyone I talk to thinks college football has been gutted by the NIL and transfer portal, now the Oklahoma Secondary Sports Activities Association is sliding down the same slippery slope.

The OSSAA has raised an eye brow or two about an assorted number of things.

This is no different.

They claim the guidelines approved by state a student can receive NIL compensation as long as it is not dependent upon athletic success, does not act as an incentive for attending a certain school and does not come from the school itself.

We’ll see.

What in the heck has happened to amateur sports?

If they are getting paid for athletic performance, they are professional.

Greed is defined as intense and selfish desire for something, especially wealth, power or food.

I’m dumbfounded that Oklahoma or any other state would do this.

It’s been a kick in the rump for the game of college football and sand traps lay in wait for their high school counterparts.

Just like most everything else, this is a matter of the haves having it over the have nots.

High school coaches I spoke with about the NIL situation were not pleased.

More like dismayed.

One coach said, “I don’t like it at all. It’s just like the NCAA rich schools. They are going to use it to entice.”

Yet another coach said, “I think it’s ridiculous.”

Here’s the take of yet another head coach.

“I don’t know enough of the details to know exactly how it will work, but it could turn into the Wild West.

“With the state transfer rules and now adding this, it could get very corrupt in a hurry,” the coach continued.

Exactly my sentiments.


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