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Oh the prep


Funny how I can’t recall the preparation some 40 odd years ago but I am old enough to remember having a colonoscopy while wide awake.

That was a treat and a half that seeminly lasted about an hour. I really thought the camera was going to show up in my throat.

Now the actual procedure isn’t that bad – as many of you know.

But the day of preparation on the day before is not a pretty sight.

The instruction sheet has a do list as long as your arm and it is very explicit.

Part of the day before the procedure is the not getting to eat anything.

I never notice sweets and other snacks while in line at the grocery store.

But Tuesday when I went out to purchase my chicken broth that I would be slurping on for lunch and supper, all I could see were cakes and other goodies.

The line to check out was long with only one checker so I had plenty of time to drool in my mind over the snacks that were sitting all around me.

The timing of the entire process from Tuesday afternoon through Wednesday morning couldn’t have been any more inconvenient.

Tuesday afternoon is one of our busiest times of the week when we are making up pages for the current edition.

Then on Wednesday, which is paper day, it would be like having the preacher do the procedure on Sunday.

Life in the big city.


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