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Media brainwashing


A buddy of mine found this eight question survey with interesting national results.

Results of the survey were asked of average people on the street.

Their answers are provided and then the actual numbers are furnished.

What percentage of the United States population is black?

Answers: 41 percent.

Actual: 13 percent.

And, 90 percent if you watch commercials on TV.

What percentage of the marriages are mixed race?

Response: 50 percent.

Actual: 17-20 percent.

Back to television, you would think 90 percent.

How many families make more than $500,000 a year.

Response: 26 percent.

Actual: One percent.

We think a quarter of the country is rich.

What percentage of Americans are vegetarians?

Response: 30 percent.

Actual: 5-6 percent.

What percentage of Americans live in New York City?

Response: 30 percent.

Actual: 3 percent.

What percentage of Americans are transgender.

Response: 22 percent.

Actual: .5 percent.

That’s half of one percent.

So why do  people have such inaccurate thoughts on these counts?

Due to the electronic media came the answer.

They run race, gender and wealth stories constantly.

The result is we are being brainwashed. Hitler’s propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels would be proud if he had half of the success.

Disney no longer welcomes ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, just guests.

.5 percent of the population dictates to the other 99 percent.

Regardless of what you might think less than 20 percent of the population uses Twitter or X. Yet, X controls 80 percent of public opinion.

Next time you are thinking Americans have changed and not in a good way, remember, it’s mostly fake. Most people think just like you but the media has them brainwashed.

It’s called social engineering and it’s here. It also very effective.


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