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Let’s leave the clocks alone


Oklahoma is among the 29 states in the country that want year-round Daylight Savings Time.

A survey taken last year by Monmouth University found 61 percent of Americans feel the same way.

The list of reasons against changing the clocks twice a year are as long as your arm.

Not the least of which it is hard on your health.

Research has shown that the time change can result in an elevated risk of heart attacks, strokes and accidents in the days following the transition.

It definitely affects your sleep habits which can lead to grogginess and hence the uptick in traffic accidents.

As you know, for spring daylight saving time, clocks jump forward to 3 a.m. once it strikes 2 a.m. local time, which skips 2 a.m. altogether.

For fall daylight saving time, the opposite happens, and clocks jump backward to 1 a.m. once it strikes 2 a.m. local time, so the hour is repeated before it moves in chronological order again.

Seems like it’s easier to fall back than it is to spring forward, but the wish here is there was no springing at all.

Just leave it one way or the other and knock off changing the clocks twice a year.


It was this month some 49 years ago when OU and OSU were playing football in Norman.

The television announcers for the game were Lindsey Nelson on the play-by-play and Paul Hornung doing the color.

I remember Nelson doing commercials live during the game which I thought was pretty unusual.

But the main thing I remember was driving the pair to Will Rogers World Airport so they could catch a plane to their next gig.

We were in one of those old red OU station wagons and I thought I was walking in tall cotton in the car with those two Hall of Famers.

They were busy the whole way to the airport mapping out their social outings at the next stop.



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