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Electric bills may be shocking


We were lucky there wasn’t winter precipitation to go with the single digit temperatures late last week.

Another fortuitous part of the equation last week was not having any power outages in Purcell during the dangerously cold conditions.

Folks in Lexington weren’t quite as fortunate, however.

Somehow the power feed from OG&E was affected and for 5 1/2 hours last Thursday the town was without power.

That was resolved when OG&E switched Lexington over to its secondary line.

With all that said, electric customers could be in for a shock when the February 1 PPWA bills arrive in the mail.

Be prepared for higher than usual statements to pay for the heating of homes and businesses during the three days of single digit temperatures and below zero wind chills.


With it being the dead of winter now would be a perfect time for the powers that be to plan on opening a public swimming pool in Purcell.

As residents know we’ve had public pools for years and years starting back in the old WPA days that built the one on Red Hill.

Then the pool out by the golf course served us from the 1970s until just the last few years, eight to be exact.

The town needs a pool.

Kids need a place they can go play and cool off and they need a place to take swimming lessons.

Seniors need the pool for exercise classes. The list goes on and on.

Way back in the day the public pool was at the NE corner of Juneau and Second.

Then came the WPA days and the pool on Red Hill became the location of choice for people parched from the hot Oklahoma sun.

Then in the 1970s came the pool at the golf course.

That one has been closed since 2015 and is now basketball courts.

Now we need another one.


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