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Courthouse News


The following persons have been charged by the State of Oklahoma with traffic or other violations or have filed other court actions in McClain County District Court between June 9-15, 2022.


Ronnie D. Hobson, no seatbelt (passenger).

James D. Fortner, speeding, 84/70.

Jeremy A. Johns, no seatbelt.

Michael L. Brandynn, speeding, 94/75.

Brittany L. Cunningham, speeding, 90/75.

Ronnie D. Hobson, failure to use turn signal.

Alex Pendley, no insurance.

Derek J. Duckworth, speeding, 105/75.

Chirstopher L. Smith, speeding, 75/65.

Searra S. Hall, no seatbelt.

Marcus G. Ewing, no seatbelt.

Tania C. Solano, speeding, 85/75.

Laura Rivera, speeding, 105/75.

Ashlee D. Civick, speeding, 85/75.

Deshawn D. Meeks, speeding, 90/80.

Deshawn D. Meeks, taxes due state.

David L. Brainard, no seatbelt.

Nia Fennell, speeding, 80/70.


Scott R. Simmons, larceny of lost property.

Micheal W. Fisher, possession of CDS.

Marylynn R. Laschober, larceny of lost property.

Ashley McCarrell, petit larceny.

Mikki R. Dodson, unlawful possession of paraphernalia.

Patrick E. Flatley, possession of CDS.


Rodney S. Sala, burglary, second degree.

Derek L. Williams, burglary, second degree.

Hunter M. Cornelius, assault, battery or assualt and battery with a deadly weapon.

Tarus Murray, acquire proceeds from drug activity.

Small Claims

C37 Capital, LLC vs. Alyssa J. Boisvert, forcible entry and detainer under $5000.

Steve Ellard vs. Danny Foster, small claims over $5000.

First National Bank and Trust vs. Malachi M. Goen, small claims under $5000.

Terrie K. McCoy-Harjo vs. Gregory S. Cobbs Sr., small claims under $5000.

Stone Town Adkins Hill LLC vs. Ty Hobson, forcible entry and detainer under $5000.

Stone Town Adkins Hill LLC vs. David Powers, forcible entry and detainer under $5000.

McElderry Rentals, LLC vs. Shantel Maxon, small claims under $5000.


Portfolio Recovery Associates vs. Mariah Sullivan, civil action $10,000 or less.

Galaxy International Purchasing LLC vs. Kenda Wallace, civil action $10,000 or less.

American Express National Bank vs. James W. Callen, civil action $10,000 or less.

State of OK (Ex Rel) Tax Comm vs. Christopher G. Hobson, civil action $10,000 or less.

US Bank National Association vs. Johnny B. Newsom, civil action $10,000 or less.

TD Bank USA, N.A. vs. Ashlea M. Vargas, civil action $10,000 or less.

Portfolio Recovery Associates vs. Dillon M. Frank, civil action $10,000 or less.

Portfolio Recovery Associates vs. Racheal W. Morris, civil action $10,000 or less.

Cavalry SPV I LLC vs. Rylee Ellyson, civil action $10,000 or less.

Jenco Construction vs. Ashten Grover, civil action $10,000 or less.

Freedom Mortgage Corp. vs. Nicklas J. Root, civil action $10,000 or more.

Mitchell Royalty LP vs. Ovintiv USA Inc., civil action $10,000 or more.

Specialized Loan Servicing LLC vs. Daniel J. Carrel, civil action $10,000 or more.

US Bank National Association vs. Marcia S. King, civil action $10,000 or more.

US Bank National Association vs. Jeffrey L. Taliaferro, civil action $10,000 or more.

Braudrick Construction LLC vs. Patrick Monaghan, civil action $10,000 or more.

Lakeview Loan Servicing, LLC vs. Clint L. Chestnut, civil action $10,000 or more.

US Bank National Association vs. Cassandra A. Skeen, civil action $10,000 or more.

Bob Garrison vs. Diane Baker, civil action $10,000 or more.

US Bank National Association vs. Eldon Rippee, civil action $10,000 or more.

Marriages Filed

Brandin L. Keith, 23, and Mikaela P. Johnson, 22, both of Washington.

Eric C. Krueger, 26, of Lexington and Britney N. Black, 23, of Purcell.

Jadyn C. Spear, 21, of Moore and Kayla E. Nizza, 22, of Oklahoma City.

Bradley R. Jeffries, 51, of Oklahoma City and Amy L. Duncan, 49, of Newcastle.

Ryland J. Lanier, 23, and Destinee S. M. Overley, 22, both of Noble.

Harvey L. Featherston, 37, and Shada A. Tyler, 27, both of Purcell.

Kyle A. Madden, 38, of Purcell and Leia S. Hunter, 42, of Norman.

Arthur L. H. Oliver, 38, and Stephanie L Birdsong, 37, both of Del City.

Grant S. McEwen, 25, and Kamee R. Hurst, 24, both of Purcell.

Jacob M. Barnes, 36, and Amanda L. Clayburn, 31, both of Lexington.

Jonathan A. Fried, 36, and Karen L. Smith, 41, both of Macomb.

Divorces Granted

David McCullough vs. Aleigha N. Stewart.

Sherri R. Peden vs. Trevor J. F. Peden.


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