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Courthouse News


The following persons have been charged by the State of Oklahoma with traffic or other violations or have filed other court actions in McClain County District Court between August 26-September 1, 2021.


Bruce S. Booker II, operate vehicle with obstructed view.

John J. Kilgore, speeding, 55/45.

John J. Kilgore, no seatbelt.

Trenton D. Vanhowten, speeding, 55/45.

Gayle C. Gayley, speeding, 55/45.

Nikki R. Bridges, speeding, 55/45.

Max Angeles, speeding, 80/70.

Preston Patterson, following too closely.

Preston P. Patterson, no valid driver’s license.

Robert L. Hanley, no seatbelt.

Johnnie A. Satterfield, speeding, 94/70.

Brandon L. Krautlarger, no seatbelt.

Alan R. Barger, no seatbelt.

Alan R. Barger, overweight on interstate (bridge formula).

Dustin L. Arnett, no insurance.

Maximus C. Georgiadis, operator not reasonable and proper.

David Hernandez Gomez, left of center.

David Hernandez Gomez, expired registration.

Guy S. Moss, failure to devote full attention.

Lacy J. Day, no seatbelt.

Whitney R. Spence, no seatbelt.

Robert D. Hopper, no insurance.

Robert D. Hopper, no valid driver’s license.


Russel A. Poindexter, DUI - alcohol.

Kyle D. Kirts, obstructing an officer.

David J. Gray, possession of CDS.

Jerry D. Franks, petit larceny.

David O. McMurphey, possession of CDS.

Louis P. Gaglierdi, possession of CDS.

Candi M. Bailey, possession of CDS.

Bernett E. Sanders, domestic abuse - assault and battery.

Destry W. Nelson, obstructing an officer.

Brandon G. Plemons, possession of CDS.

Ollie M. Arvie, possession of CDS.

Tristian D. N. Mathews, knowingly receiving or concealing stolen property.

Sheryl A. Lewis, possession of CDS.

Cory B. Tong, assault and battery.

Derrick K. Clark, carrying weapon.

Timothy W. Ashby, knowingly concealing stolen property.

James L. Freeman Jr., false declaration of ownership in pawnbroker.

Robert R. Peterson, protective order violation.

Dawn D. Letham, larceny of merchandise from retailer.

Austin P. Lee, false declaration of ownership in pawn.

Arthur D. Jones, threaten to perform act of violence.

Alexcia Onley, public intoxication.


Steven A. McCall, burglary, second degree.

Nathalie L. Ramirez, trafficking in illegal drugs.

Pat M. Nettles-Paige, child endangerment by driving under the influence.

Shayni M. Barb, trafficking in illegal drugs.

Small Claims

Joetta Meyer vs. John King, forcible entry and detainer under $5000.

James Lower vs. April Jones, small claims under $5000.

Steve Staggs vs. Douglas Boydston, forcible entry and detainer under $5000.

Kristin Stacy vs. Tosha Hays, forcible entry and detainer under $5000.

Clella Stroud-Martin vs. Skyylar J. Hubbard, forcible entry and detainer under $5000.

Jaime Resendiz vs. Tiffany Johnson, forcible entry and detainer under $5000.


Capital One Bank (USA) NA vs. Stephen M. Worsham, civil action $10,000 or less.

Capital One Bank (USA) NA vs. Treasa K. Boswell, civil action $10,000 or less.

Capital One Bank (USA) NA vs. Taylor L. Holsey, civil action $10,000 or less.

Capital One Bank (USA) NA vs. Sidney Watson, civil action $10,000 or less.

Double T Enterprises LLC vs. JGB Distribution Partners LLC, civil action $10,000 or less.

Midland Credit Management vs. April Buntin, civil action $10,000 or less.

Midland Credit Management vs. Deana J. Zaccarelli, civil action $10,000 or less.

Seminole HMA LLC vs. Jerry W. Wright, civil action $10,000 or less.

Discover Bank vs. Malik Nazir, civil action $10,000 or less.

Citibank (South Dakota) NA vs. Nader Jadali, civil action $10,000 or less.

Citibank (South Dakota) NA vs. Debra Torren, civil action $10,000 or less.

True Sky Credit Union vs. Justin McBride, civil action $10,000 or more.

Ford Motor Credit Co vs. Derrell Fletcher, civil action $10,000 or more.

Amy Harryman vs. State Farm & Casualty Co, civil action $10,000 or more.

Glenda L. Wade vs. Gary L. Lile Jr., civil action $10,000 or more.

Wilmington Savings Fund Societ vs. Gerald R. Combs, civil action $10,000 or more.

Bank of America NA vs. Paul W. Roden, civil action $10,000 or more.

American Express National Bank vs. Teresa Pack, civil action $10,000 or more.

Marriages Filed

Carlos V. Rico, 35, and Heather R. Ball, 34, both of Goldsby.

Divorces Granted

Kristen Butcher vs. Michael Butcher.

Alicia R. Jones vs. Parker D. Jones.

Baylee Adkins vs. Taylor Adkins.

Olivia C. Lloyd vs. Hayden D. Lloyd.

Russell G. Timmons vs. Lena D. Timmons.

Lacy L. McCornack vs. Russell McCornack.


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