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Costly ID theft

Stolen ID used to purchase pickup


An arrest warrant is outstanding for a Dallas man who allegedly used a stolen identity to purchase a 2018 Ford F150 pickup online from Zeck Chevrolet.

Richard K. Madrigal, 35, is charged in McClain County District Court with felony value false pretenses, computer fraud and identity theft.

The fraudulent transaction was reported to Purcell police by Brad Cook with Zeck in late December.

According to an affidavit,Cook told police Madrigal contacted the dealership in November to arrange the online purchase. Madrigal identified himself with a Texas driver’s license in the name of Thomas Nied.

The $44,801 transaction was completed and Madrigal asked for the vehicle to be delivered to him at Luna Vista Golf Course in Dallas.

A Zeck employee delivered the pickup and verified Madrigal/Nied’s identity by checking his driver’s license.

On December 4, Cook received a telephone call from a man saying he was the real Thomas Nied and that he didn’t purchase the vehicle

Nied had reported the identity theft to police in Grapevine, Texas. When provided with a copy of the forged driver’s license used by Madrigal, Grapevine investigators used facial recognition software to identify Madrigal’s photo on the fake license.

In addition, according to the affidavit, the Zeck employee who delivered the pickup to Texas identified Madrigal in a photo lineup as the man who purported to be Nied.

According to the affidavit, Madrigal also stole Nied’s Social Security number.


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