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Congrats to the winners


Congratulations to the chamber of commerce award winners who were honored at last Thursday night’s annual banquet.

The winners included The Hope Center in Goldsby, Greg Wheat as the Purcell Citizen of the Year and the Giving Time award winners.

The giving time winners were Charlie Sherman, John Blue, First United Bank and Krysta Matthews.


The more I hear and learn about Artificial Intelligence (AI) the more I become concerned about it.

A very smart and wise man told me back in the 1960s when computers learn the capability of repairing themselves you had better watch out.

Now it’s worse than that.

The computers/robots with AI now have the capability of teaching themselves, reasoning and making decisions like humans.

On “60 Minutes” the other night they were talking about just some of the capabilities and it’s frightening.

Two robots taught themselves how to play soccer; how to score a goal, etc.

One computer had been programmed to “speak” over 150 languages but the one that it spit out was one it taught itself.

A robot learned the game of chess to the extent it had ideas and strategies even the world’s best players had never thought of.

The quote was, “it never sleeps or gets hungry. It just plays chess 24-7.”

There is literally no limit to what these machines are capable of.

Is it going to be a good thing or a not so good thing?

The CEO of Google, Sundar Pichai, really didn’t have the answer, either.


Legendary Purcell Dragon Coach Mike Wilson, now of Kingston, recently reached out to us about the next Hall of Fame Class.

The newest Purcell Dragon Hall of Fame will be introduced this year at the PHS reunion.

Wilson said nominations are limited to graduates of 1999 and before.

There is a nomination form and selection criteria at www.purcellsportshof.com or nominations can be made by email at purcelldragonhof@gmail.com.


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