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City of Purcell

Bunn: Turnpike extension will be economic boon here

Extension of Kickapoo Turnpike to north of Purcell


Mayor Ted Cox and City Manager Dale Bunn were among those invited to attend the Oklahoma Turnpike Authority meeting last week for the big announcement that included extending the Kickapoo Turnpike all the way down the west side of Lake Thunderbird to connect with I-35 near the 95 mile marker.

“For the City of Purcell it is a major economic development event,” Bunn said after the meeting.

Cox was unable to attend, but earlier participated in a planning meeting to request changes benefiting Purcell that he shared back with the council their advice.

“The Kickapoo Turnpike will be continued south from I-44 and I-40 to end in a connection with I-35 north of Purcell,” Bunn said.

“Businesses in Purcell will benefit from the complete I-35 traffic before it splits at the turnpike interchange. Travelers to Tulsa and northeast from Purcell will reduce their trip time by about 30 minutes,” Bunn continued.

Mayor Cox and City Manager Bunn have met with OTA Deputy Director Joe Echelle and his staff. Further discussions will be with TJ.

“Recently the preliminary drawings of interchange and connection into Purcell have changed,” Bunn explained.

“Mayor Cox asked about property purchases for Kickapoo leading to and at I-35 interchange,” Bunn said. “TJ Dill with ODOT noted is not done in this area. Acquisition could affect alignment. I expect they will move it when they can to the side of road with the more cooperative cost.”


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