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Albert (Al) Dee Henagar and Phyllis Kay (Thurman) Henagar


Phyllis Kaye (Thurman) Henagar, 77, of Mustang, Okla., passed away on January 16, 2024, and one day later her love of 62 years, Albert (Al) Dee Henagar, 80, of Mustang, Okla., passed.

Phyllis was from Purcell, Okla., and Al was from Wayne, Oklahoma.  They met each other when they were 15 and 18 at the Purcell First Baptist Church, and that is where my mom stole his seat when he got up to get a drink.  They started dating and ended up getting married on Sept. 7, 1962 in Purcell, Okla.

Al joined the Army out of high school, and then later Phyllis and he moved to Shawnee, Okla., to start a family and career.  They both got their brokerage license and worked for JoEllen Watson Real Estate for years, and Al also began working for the Daily Oklahoman as a District Manager.

Things with the market changed and they both wanted to venture out somewhere new, and so they moved with their two young daughters to Colorado, settling in Golden, Colorado.  Al worked as a District Manager for the Colorado Springs paper and then eventually transferred as a District Manager to the Denver Post. He worked for the Denver Post for 10 years, and decided to move back to Shawnee due to missing family.

They returned to Shawnee, Oklahoma, in May 1981, and he picked up where he left off working as a District Manager for the Daily Oklahoman.  Mom was a homemaker and enjoyed participating in the Dale Home Extension Club for years. Later in 1993, the family made their final home in Mustang, Okla.  Al retired from the Daily Oklahoman after 53 years of being in the paper service on May 1, 2017.

Dad loved talking about the paper, vacationing and being active in their church, and Mom enjoyed crafting, cooking, gardening and being active in the church. They were always together and very seldom apart, and I believe that is why he joined my mom. They are kicking it up in Heaven with family and friends, but I know I will see them again soon.

Al was preceded in death by his parents, Bert and Mattie Weeks Henagar; brothers, Ralph and Ray Henagar and sister, Helen Henagar Roberts.

Phyllis was preceded in death by her parents,  Elza Howell Thurman and Clara Christine Austin Thurman.

They are survived by their daughter, Kayla Henagar; daughter, Suzette Pope and husband, James, and granddaughters, Abigail, Isabelle, and Rochelle, and cousin, Francille Wilson, Bruce Strait.