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Young Purcell grad breaking both age and gender molds as new funeral director


Madisyn Tolle is breaking age and gender molds working as a funeral director at Wilson-Little Funeral Home in Purcell.

Not many people can say that at five years old they got off the bus at the local funeral home, but Madisyn did exactly that.

She spent her childhood helping her parents at the funeral home and has many fond memories there.

“It has come full circle for me. From a little girl riding the bus there after school and now being able to serve the community is humbling and an honor,”  Madisyn said.

Madisyn graduated from Murray State in 2021 with a degree in science and business.

She worked for her parents after graduating.

She planned to return to Murray State to get a Bachelor’s Degree in business management,  Madisyn said

“Instead, I felt God calling me to this. You don’t always see God working, but it is great to look back and see what he did.”

She enrolled at The Dallas Mortuary School and took online classes.

She had to complete her clinicals in Dallas but the school allowed her father to be her preceptor.

A preceptor is like a career role model, a person who supports and guides a student, Madisyn added

“I feel fortunate to have learned from one of the best,” Madisyn said.

“I was definitely one of the youngest in school.”

She explained that this line of work is often a second career. She didn’t let that stand in her way, Madisyn graduated valedictorian of her Mortuary Class.

She is a licensed funeral director and embalmer.

She said that the male to female ratio is close to 50/50 for funeral directors but embalmers are mostly men.

While it does not affect her ability to do the job one bit, at times she is met with surprised faces.

“I remember the first time I went by myself, (to pick up a body) the person said, “You’re the one they sent? We expected a man.”

Madisyn accepts comments like this with grace and respect.

“I have a way of connecting with people,” she adds.

“You grow so much as a person by serving others as a volunteer and in this position.”

Madisyn attends Victory Family Church in Newcastle where she volunteers in the nursery.

She describes this as “The best experience of my life.”

Family is important to Madisyn. She explained how much her parents care about people and that “My dad is the best boss I’ve ever had.”

She is proud of her roots in Purcell and cares deeply about the community.

“One thing Purcell does really well is supporting each other,” she said.

Madisyn Tolle is a bright and kind young woman who is devoted to serving others during the most difficult times in their lives.

She has a gentle nature that puts people at ease. Madisyn is a lovely example of the kind of people we have here in the Heart of Oklahoma.


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