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Where is the wood?


In the past 30 or more years I’ve never had as much trouble finding a rick or two of seasoned firewood.

I saw on Channel 4’s morning show Kent Ogle talking about having ordered his firewood for the coming winter.

I wish I had his phone number so I could call his supplier.

I’ve been able to find firewood over the years from different sources but someone has always come through.

So far not this year.

And that’s not good because of the El Nino scenario we are predicted to have more snow than usual this winter.

We’re going to be needing some firewood and that need isn’t far off.

So if any of you out there know of someone who has wood for sale please let me know.


Here’s something very cool that going to take place at Purcell High School next week.

The Sons of the American Revolution will present the high school a flag certificate October 18 at a pep assembly at 1:55 p.m.

The pep assembly will have a patriotic theme in recognition of veterans and the military at the Purcell-Washington football game later that evening.

Mark Atterson is President of the Sons of the American Revolution.

He reported to high school principal Jason Sanders a similar presentation was recently made at Blanchard High School.

It’s good high school students learn about veterans and the sacrifices many of them have made for all of us over the generations.

The Purcell National Honor Society has an annual Veterans Day program and luncheon every year around Veterans Day.

It’s a very worthwhile event and one from which the veterans get a good feeling and it one that helps educate young people of today’s society.


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