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Washington Football

Warriors at Frederick tonight

Thursday kickoff at 7 p.m. due to shortage of officials


Washington’s No. 1 ranked Warriors spent their bye week getting back to fundamentals and doing the little things correctly in preparation for Thursday’s trip to Tillman County and a date with the talented Frederick Bombers.

Kickoff for the Thursday night contest is set for 7 p.m.

The game was originally scheduled for Friday, September 22, but an officiating problem arose forcing the game to be played a day earlier.

“The crew they had originally called and said they were no longer officiating,” Washington Head Coach Brad Beller explained. “They couldn’t find another crew for Friday. A lot of outlying places are having a hard time.

“They’ve been talking about this for the past five years thats it’s going to be a problem and now it is a problem,” Beller said. “I don’t see it as a problem for Purcell or Washington or Wayne and Lexington due to our proximity to Oklahoma City. But for the outlying areas it’s going to continue to be a problem.”

The Bombers are usually blessed with talented skill position players and this year is no exception.

Frederick is 2-1 with wins over Hobart and City View High School out of Wichita Falls,TX. Their lone setback came at the hands of perennial Texas powerhouse Wellington High School.

“They are a traditional power that won the State Championship in 2015  or 2016,” Beller said.

When they have the ball the Bombers will operate out of the I-formation but Beller reports they are very multiple out of it.

“With the same personnel they can go to an empty set or into the Diamond set,” the coach said.

On defense Frederick employs a “prowling” defense with all 11 guys always on the move.

“I’d say it’s an odd stack defense but it’s really a prowling defense when they are always blitzing and stunting different people,” Beller said.

“One time they might have five guys within 10 yards of the line of scrimmage and the next play they might have eight guys standing right across the line of scrimmage. It’s very different. In all my years of coaching I’ve never coached against it. I’ve seen it but never coached against it,” Beller said.

“It forces your offensive line, your running backs and the quarterback to all focus in on every play and see where the gaps are and key your reads,” he said. “It helped us having the bye week to get back to fundamentals and do the little things correctly.”

Beller said the key for the Warriors is to tackle well.

“We’ve got to get their playmakers on the ground and on the offensive side of the ball we’ve got to be patient. They might guess right one time. We just have to stay patient and when it’s our time to make plays to make them.”v


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