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Turbulent waters

Quality unaffected by air in lines


You might encounter water turbulence in the ocean or perhaps a river.

But typically not the faucet in your home.

Still, that is what Purcell residents are frequently finding when they turn the tap.

City manager Dale Bunn said the issue is unrelated to the major water line breaks this summer that caused water levels to fall in the city’s water tanks.

The timing of the breaks and the turbulence problem is purely coincidental, Bunn said.

Air in the water lines is caused by valves and pumps in need of repair.

Those repairs haven’t been made because of a supply chain problem.

Repair parts are on back order, Bunn said.

“We ordered them several weeks ago,” he added.

He stressed the water quality hasn’t been affected.

In fact, the air will dissipate if the water is allowed to set for a few minutes.


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