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Tuesday is election day

Purcell City Council, school boards in Wayne and Washington


Tuesday is election day for school board seats in Wayne and Washington and a seat on the Purcell City Council.

That Division 2 city council race is between Chris Hurt, 48 and Greg Wheat, 54.

There are three candidates each in school board races in both Wayne and Washington.

Shad Blackwell, 41, Harvey Fisher, 46, and Ryan Morris, 40, all of Wayne are running for the Wayne seat.

In Washington Clayton Colley, 81, of Washington, Adam Price, 42, of Purcell and Ashley Teel, 41, of Blanchard are seeking the Washington board position.

In the races with more than two candidates if no one candidate has 50 percent plus one vote there will be a runoff for the top two vote getters.

The runoff election is set for April 2 if needed. At that April election will be a race for Dibble’s Board of Education Office No. 4 between Sheri Phillips, 35, and 38-year-old Stephen Swaim, both with Blanchard addresses.

Joe T. Ray, 70, of Wanette did not draw an opponent to retain his seat on the Mid-America Technology Center Board. Likewise, neither did Holly Baker, 52, for Purcell’s Board of Education.


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