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Styrofoam recycling at Purcell Library Saturday


You can dispose of Styrofoam in a safe, environmentally-friendly manner by bringing it to the Purcell Public Library this Saturday from 10 a.m. to noon. The library is hosting the foam recycling project from University Lutheran Church in Norman.

The foam will be densified into four-foot logs of pure plastic. The foam must be “clean, clean, clean” with any tape or paper labels removed before recycling. Items may be brought in bags or boxes, or in large chunks. Foam peanuts can be recycled at package shipping locations that use peanuts for filling boxes.

Seven of the Pioneer Library System libraries in central Oklahoma are participating in this on-going effort to rid landfills of toxic chemicals that can leach into ground water.

Today’s Styrofoam items will be in existence 500 years from now, battered and broken, but still chemically unstable in the environment. In the coming months, foam will be densified at libraries in Moore, Norman, Shawnee, Blanchard, Newcastle and South Oklahoma City.

For more information, call Cathy Bowden at 405-831-2025 or visit the church website at www.ulcsc.org.


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