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Stitt can’t take veto override


Apparently Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt needs a lesson in government.

I’m pretty sure in my 8th grade Civics textbook was a chapter on checks and balances and the three branches of government.

It’s true the executive branch can veto a bill they don’t like that comes out of the legislative branch.

But it’s also true the legislative branch can override a veto when enough votes are cast in favor of the veto.

Stitt hasn’t played well in the sandbox with the Indian tribes from early on in his administration.

Thankfully the legislature has voted to renew three car tag compacts and the tobacco compact – both that Stitt opposed.

The long dispute between Stitt and the tribes is just the latest chapter of some in the state at odds with the tribes.

Stitt gets overridden and throws a temper tantrum in the form of a lawsuit.

The question begs on what grounds did he base in the lawsuit.

He doesn’t have the law on his side. It’s just not how the government is set up to work.

At least the State Legislature has the common sense to work with the Tribes for the betterment of the entire State of Oklahoma.

Unlike Stitt who just wants to grab power he doesn’t have.

All of the current contracts are set to last through 2024.


Another really bad idea floating around which has also landed in the courts is the idea of a publicly funded religious charter school.

Public funds are for public schools, not charter or private schools, and especially not for one specific religion.

Some say a Catholic charter school would contradict state law.

And then there’s the question of the separation of church and state.

All in all it’s just a bad idea and one the Catholics or any other religious group should fund on their own and not ask the state for funding.


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