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Purcell Schools AED equipped

District has nine units with staff trained at each building


After the recent cardiac arrest event of NFL player Damar Hamlin, board members of the Purcell Public School Foundation were prepared to purchase an automated external defibrillator (AED) for the school.

But at their foundation board meeting last week Purcell Superintendent Dr. Sheli McAdoo explained the school already has the equipment.

“Purcell Public Schools has been proactive in the purchase and placement of AEDs across the district,” Dr. McAdoo said.

The district has nine AED units available. The units are mounted near entrances of school sites and competition spaces in athletic facilities.

“Each site has a window sticker or mounted sign to allow staff or others to easily identify their location,” McAdoo continued.

Units are stored in wall-mounted cabinets that include both adult and pediatric pads. An extra set of batteries is stored near each AED. Units are checked monthly for appropriate supplies and working order.

“Each campus has at least one support employee and one certified employee trained in CPR/AED,” McAdoo said. “Head coaches are trained in CPR/AED as well. The district will conduct another round of training at the February Professional Development day.”

Athletic trainer Tim Arnold carries an AED with him while on campus for practices and during road games. He also monitors AEDs at athletic facilities.

“Purcell Public Schools have taken great steps to make sure all students and staff members are safe by putting AEDs all around the schools,” Arnold said. “As an athletic trainer, it makes me feel better knowing they have them so I can do  my job to the fullest. It’s a simple machine that can help save someone’s life and anyone can use it.”

Cost of an AED machine is nearly $2,000 which does not include the cost of replacing batteries and pads that expire every couple of years.

“These machines are an investment in the health and wellbeing of students, staff and spectators,” Arnold said.


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