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Light sends mixed message by high school


The school zone light by Purcell High School has a mind of its own.

It flashes its 35-mph warning long after school is out for the day.

It has been seen flashing after 5 p.m. and at nearly 8 p.m.

Purcell Schools Superintendent Dr. Sheli McAdoo said the city and Purcell police are aware of the malfunctioning light.

City manager Dale Bunn said a faulty computer chip is the cause and as soon as the ordered replacement arrives, it will be installed by the company hired to fix the light.

There has been a delay, however.

Though he couldn’t confirm it, Bunn surmised the part may be coming from overseas.

While police have been seen in the area after school hours, Bunn said they are probably after speeding vehicles in general and not school zone scofflaws.

Citing a motorist for a school zone violation after hours would not stand up in court, Bunn added.


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