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No TV no bueno


When we had young children I always wished I had gone to medical school.

It never seemed to fail that one of them would become ill at 5 p.m. on a Friday when all the doctors’ offices were closed and we’d be in for a long weekend.

Here lately, my wish turned to wanting to be a DISH technician.

We had a new roof installed and with that comes down the dish equipment that brings television into our living room.

For the better part of three days we were without television.

That meant no news, no sports, not much of anything.

It was the pits.

It reminded me of Gilligan’s Island. No phone, no lights, no motor car.

Not a single luxury. Like Robinson Crusoe, it’s primitive as can be.

But for the time being, anyway, we are back in business.


You can read Coach Sarah Jones’ thoughts on the support from the school, fans, administration and all the others on this very page.

I personally don’t recall Purcell fans and students any louder and more supportive than they were during the State fast-pitch softball tournament.

It was truly a testament to the community.


I’m glad no one else was hurt by Kameron Jenkins, who was found deceased at the scene of the shooting of the Cleveland County Deputy and the innocent bystander.

However, I have to wonder how much money and resources were spent searching for Jenkins.

Purcell Police even were called to search a building here and it was the hot topic of  conversation in and around the area for several days.


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