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News from the City of Purcell


Back to School Safety Newsletter

It is the start of a new school year here in Purcell. The schools that were empty during summer vacation are now filled with children and teachers. Some may have already noticed there have been changes made to help improve traffic flow throughout the elementary and intermediate school zones with the intent to make the area safer for everyone.

In front of Purcell Elementary, at 711 N. 9th Avenue, construction has been completed during the summer to improve the visibility of the proper flow of traffic within the school zone.

On N. 9th Avenue, starting at W. Harris Street the roadway has been changed to be a One-Way Road traveling southbound until W. Van Buren Street. When the driver reaches W. Van Buren Street and they are in the inside lane, they must turn east onto W. Van Buren Street. They do not have a stop sign at this intersection. If the driver is in the outside lane, they must continue southbound on N. 9th Avenue.

South of W. Van Buren Street on N. 9th Avenue the roadway turns into a two-way undivided roadway. When you continue southbound you will reach a stop sign at W. Jackson Street and be able to turn either westbound or eastbound.

If you are traveling northbound on N. 9th Avenue from W. Jackson Street towards W. Van Buren Street, you will have a stop sign. At the stop sign, you will be directed to turn eastbound onto W. Van Buren Street.

Also, W. Harrison Street and W. Van Buren Street in between N. 8th Avenue and N. 9th Avenue are both One-Way Roads traveling eastbound. The intersection at N. 8th Avenue and W. Harrison Street is a three-way stop. The traffic traveling eastbound does not have a stop sign.

The intersection at N. 8th Avenue and W. Van Buren Street is a three-way stop. The traffic traveling eastbound does not have a stop sign. These new changes will be in effect at all times of the day not just during school hours.

In the Purcell High School/Middle School zones at the 2000 block of N. Green Avenue, the speed limit will be 35 miles per hour. The traffic signs lights will be flashing Monday through Friday 7:40 a.m. -3:45 p.m. When kids are arriving, going to lunch, or leaving school, drivers should maintain a higher level of awareness of their surroundings. Please remember kids will also be walking across the roadway during these times.

Throughout the city, you will notice school buses picking up and dropping off kids. Remember when these buses are stopped and have their stop signs out you are not allowed to drive past these buses in either direction. You are to stop, wait for the children to get on or off the bus safely, and when the bus stop sign returns flush with their vehicle it is safe and okay to continue driving as normal.

Purcell Police Officers will be patrolling periodically throughout their shifts in both school zones to ensure that traffic laws are being followed to maintain the safety of everyone within the area.


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