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News from the City of Purcell


Emergency Management Office - Kevin Rhoades

It’s storm season again and I wanted to remind everyone in the Purcell area of what and how we deal with storm season.

As some may know,we don’t have a public sheltering in Purcell so I would suggest that if you have a neighbor or friend who has a storm shelter, plan with them to shelter there in the event of severe weather.

The City of Purcell also has the blackboard connect system that we utilize. If there is a forecast of tornadic storms and if it appears that it could impact the area, we will use blackboard to notify those in the data base of the possibility of severe weather.

If you don’t receive notifications from the blackboard system and want it, you can go to purcellok.gov and sign up. It doesn’t cost anything to be listed.

Lastly, in Purcell we are fortunate to have the siren system we have. As you know they test themselves every weekday at noon.  This is a system test that ensures our sirens work correctly.

If we sound the sirens in the event of a tornado,we will sound the siren if there is a tornadic threat. When the threat has passed, the sirens will stop sounding.

Remember there isn’t an all-clear siren. The reason is that if we sound the siren to give all clear then someone may not be able to distinguish the difference between an all-clear and a tornadic threat.

If you don’t have a weather radio, inquire at a local store or online. Someone with Emergency Management or the fire department will program it for you if you need help.


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