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New Main St. decoration?


This year’s Purcell Homecoming Parade was a little bit different.

As usual City of Purcell crews roped off Main Street with cones and rope so folks wouldn’t park in the middle of the street to block the parade.

But this year there was a twist.

A dilapidated maroon and tan vehicle was left abandoned on Main Street the night before the parade.

So city employees simply had to drape the rope over the vehicle.

Problem was that vehicle has  now seemingly become a permanent fixture in beautiful downtown Purcell.

The car hasn’t been moved since last Thursday night and has now leaked something that needs attention of HAZMAT to clean up.

The vehicle should have been towed off prior to the parade and surely should have been towed off by now.

The Purcell Band had to split in two to march around the vehicle that is parked squarely in the middle of the street.

Floats had to veer around the car which made it even more dangerous for children scavenging for candy that was thrown along the parade route.

It was pretty humorous when band director David Hilger laughed as he directed his band to split in half to go around the car but now it is quite ridiculous, especially with it leaking some kind of fluid on to the pavement.


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