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Jiujitsu gold, silver

World Tour winners have Purcell ties


The North American Grappling Association made a World Tour stop in Oklahoma City recently, drawing Brazilian jiu-jitsu competitors and coaches from several states, including Oklahoma, Kansas and Texas.

At stake on August 14 at the Oklahoma City Farmers Market were gold, silver and bronze honors.

In addition to medals, contestants also competed for WWE-style wrestling belts and Samurai swords.

Danny Bull holds a purple belt in Brazilian jiujitsu. He trains at Empire Brazilian Jitjitsu in Norman under black belt Dustin Brooks.

Bull also teaches Brazilian Jiujitsu and MMA at JFA Academy in downtown Purcell.

The academy is owned and operated by Mark Jimboy.

Bull and his student, Josh Biser, both competed at the World Tour event.

By the competition’s end, Biser was a silver medalist.

Bull won gold in gi, earning a WWE-style belt now displayed at his home gym. He also won a silver in no gi.


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