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It makes you wonder


Here are a couple of real head scratchers.

The first one is from the state of Maine where Soren Stark-Chessa is competing in the female division of the 22nd edition of the Maine Cross Country Festival of Champions.

Last year as a freshman boy, Stark-Chessa’s best finish was 14th twice.

In the boys’s division he ranked 172nd in the 5K.

But this year since he identifies as a girl, he’s won one race and finished runner-up in another and is up to No. 4 in the state.

One anonymous female cross country athlete said, “It’s not fair to a female who has trained hard. Males are biologically faster than females, and they have testosterone. They need to run under their biological gender.”

Ironically, the ‘Gender Equity and Inclusion Policy’ in the Maine Principals Association Handbook states athletes “should have the opportunity to participate in MPA activities in a manner that is consistent with their gender identity, unless such participation would result in an unfair athletic advantage.”

Looks like a pretty good case for an unfair athletic advantage.

Parents of female athletes are also speaking out on this one.


The second one is down-right nuts.

The socialist Democratic Mayor of Burbank, CA., says police and prisons need to be abolished.

By the way, Konstantine Anthony is currently running for a higher office.

It’s been reported Anthony not only supports defunding the police and restricting officers’ use of force in hostile scenarios along with other stringent measures, but also wants to work to create a future without police and prisons.

The mayor thinks police have no affect on crime.

He’s been quoted as saying when your five-years-old if you do something wrong you get punished.

But for adults he wants to get them back in society.

Sounds like it could be a little dangerous.



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