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Fabulous career


In May of 1980 when the Purcell High School senior class received their diplomas and changed over their tassels, the State of Oklahoma had no idea what was about to happen to it.

In that group of 73 Dragons would be a future General in the Oklahoma National Guard who become the Commissioner of the Department of Public Safety.

He would become the Adjutant General of the guard and serve as an Oklahoma Highway Patrolman after serving as a Correctional Officer with the Oklahoma Department of Corrections.

He was a future member of the Oklahoma Law Enforcement Hall of Fame and will be inducted into the Alumni Hall of Fame at Oklahoma State University next year.

That 1980 PHS graduate, Michael Thompson, is retiring October 1 from his current position as Deputy Director of the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation.

Quite a resume from a member of a unique and awesome Purcell family that includes current sheriff deputy Les Hudson, who was Purcell’s first and so far only, African American Mayor and Buddy Hudson who was OU’s first African American basketball player.


Public address announcers, especially at high school stadiums, are many times notoriously homers.

Back in the 1960s there was one old timer in Hobart who would blare out over the public address that the opposing team was running wide to the left or right side.


I’ve been to some college games where the PA is blatantly biased.

But the most embarrassing one of all to me is at OU when the PA blurts out “Boomer” after a Sooner touchdown or other similar successes.

That is simiply very bush league.

They should rethink their position on it, just call the game and leave the cheerleading to the college kids on the field.


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