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Courthouse News


The following persons have been charged by the State of Oklahoma with traffic or other violations or have filed other court actions in McClain County District Court between October 19-25, 2023.


Bryan Worden, failure to remain at scene.

Diana M. Artherholt, speeding, 52/35.

Marc E. Gable, speeding, 96/80.

Leah G. Cozad, speeding, 90/80.

Leah G. Cozad, no insurance.

Eileen M. Watson, speeding, 90/80.

Eileen M. Watson, no insurance.

Christopher M. Dodson, no seatbelt.

Elizandro T. Gramajo, overweight - 5001 to 6000.

Gregory R. McLing,  improper turnabout.

Daljit Singh, reckless driving, 1st offense.

Edward DeLeon, speeding, 90/70.

Belinda Castillo-Hernandez, failure to yield.

Amelia K. Nyambuka, unlawful parking.

Patrick L. Farmer, failure to obey traffic device.

James S. Hardcastle, left of center.

James S. Hardcastle, no seatbelt.


Maci R. Skinner, driving with license cancelled/suspended/revoked.

Tonya M. Rowlett, possession of CDS - methamphetamine.

Donovan R. Law, threaten to perform act of violence.

Donovan R. Law, larceny of merchandise from a retailer.

Manuel A. Garcia, domestic abuse in presence of minor child.

Brian M. Hill Jr., possession of CDS - methamphetamine.


Austin J. Soden, possession of firearm after former felony conviction.

Steven C. Jackson, unauthorized use of a vehicle.

Michelle L. Hall, unlawful possession of controlled drug with intent to distribute.

David C. Matheny, DUI.

Samuel C. Hubanks, aggravated assault and battery.

Small Claims

Tony Pacheco vs. John Violette, small claims over $5000.

Hamilton R. Hogan vs. Emily Hogan, forcible entry and detainer under $5000.

Hunter Daniels vs. Jeremy D. Cunningham, small claims over $5000.

David Rollison vs. Debbie Tribbley, forcible entry and detainer under $5000.


OneMain Financial Group LLC vs. Eric Johnson, civil action $10,000 or less.

Conn Appliances Inc vs. Stephen Prehara, civil action $10,000 or less.

Specialized Loan Servicing LLC vs. Daniel Carrel, civil action $10,000 or more.

Freedom Mortgage Corp. vs. Harold Akerman, civil action $10,000 or more.

Ally Bank vs. James Wolfe, civil action $10,000 or more.

Marriages Filed

Lawrence D. Skelton, 62, and Kim S. Slater, 55,  both of Purcell.

Tony A. Staggs, 35, of Lindsay and Rebekah F. Roberts, 35, of Norman.

Justin B. Bowles, 29, and Sarah L. Worthington, 28, both of Goldsby.

Colton K. Miller, 21, and Makyna M. Madison, 20, both of Blanchard.

Robert D. Ball Jr., 22, and Anna M. Stacy, 22, both of Blanchard.

Jeriah L. McGehee, 17, and Shayla D. Smith, 19, both of Purcell.

David J. Helms, 71, of Noble and Helen M. Broadbooks, 72, of Blanchard.

Divorces Granted

None filed.


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