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Courthouse News


The following persons have been charged by the State of Oklahoma with traffic or other violations or have filed other court actions in McClain County District Court between September 30-October 6, 2021.


Luie L. Booth, no seatbelt.

Carl A. Grigereit, no seatbelt.

Carl A. Grigereit, no valid driver’s license.

David I. Beery, speeding, 55/45.

David R. Stottlemyre, no seatbelt.

Odaye A. Alshammary, no seatbelt.

Diana L. Selman, no seatbelt.

Allison C. Carnahan, following too closely.

Noah L. Knight, speeding, 75/65.

Sean C. Fowler, overweight - 4001 to 5000.

Ray L. Iverson, speeding, 79/60.

Ray L. Iverson, following too closely.

Otis C. Anderson, speeding, 76/60.

William P. Stacy, no seatbelt.

Elijah C. Long, taxes due state.

Glenn P. Quirk, taxes due state.

In S. Seong, speeding, 55/45.

Thadd E. McRee, failure to stop at stop sign.

Thadd E. McRee, no seatbelt.


Steven C. Page, APC.

Titus R. Owens, public intoxication.

Michael P. Michio, resisting an officer.


Robert E. Smith, DUI.

Jaxon S. South, burglary, third degree.

Brooke L. Carter, burglary, third degree.

James A. Reed, burglary, third degree.

Soulinthone Chanthaphanh, acquire proceeds from drug activity.

Amber C. Arnold, unauthorized use of a vehicle.

Bayron Gutierrez-Valladares, child endangerment by driving under the influence.

Small Claims

Charles A. Cates vs. Sondra Ferrel, small claims under $5000.

Robert L. Garrison vs. Rachel Zufelt, forcible entry and detainer under $5000.

Rober L. Garrison vs. Daniel Riopelle, forcible entry and detainer under $5000.


Bank of America NA vs. Brittany R. Phelps, civil action $10,000 or less.

Blanchard Building Ctr Inc vs. Streeter Enterprises Inc, civil action $10,000 or less.

Midland Credit Management Inc vs. David F. Jay, civil action $10,000 or less.

Bank of America NA vs. Denise J. Reames, civil action $10,000 or more.

Bank of America NA vs. Denise J. Reames, civil action $10,000 or more.

Discover Bank vs. Elizabeth Brakefield, civil action $10,000 or more.

Marriages Filed

Luis A. Cayente Ramirez, 35, and Catalina O. Castillo, 35, both of Lexington.

Billy W. Montgomery, 20, and Kaylynn R. Ryan, 19, both of Purcell.

Joshua B. Caldwell, 35, and Jennifer L. Genereux, 40, both of Noble.

Samuel K. Northrip, 26, and Kaylie M. Eason, 25, both of Oklahoma City.

Divorces Granted

Carrie D. Fielder vs. Curtis W. Fielder.


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