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Courthouse News


The following persons have been charged by the State of Oklahoma with traffic or other violations or have filed other court actions in McClain County District Court between July 15-21, 2021.


Ted R. Warkentin, speeding, 85/75,

Justin A. Barajas, speeding, 85/75.

Abby N. Holsey-Lee, no seatbelt.

Tony C. Decker, speeding, 85/75.

Christopher W. Heitert, speeding, 85/75.

Manuel D. Ruacho Cervantes, taxes due state.

Jayden N. Oliver, speeding, 85/75.

Manuel D. Ruacho Cervantes, no insurance.

Alexxus Thompson, taxes due state.

Kurt A. Holley, improper driving off of roadway.

Ryan Q. Smith, no seatbelt.

Harley J. Smith, no seatbelt (passenger).

Rodolfo Cortez Garcia, speeding, 80/70.

Kerris K. Layne, taxes due state.

Adam J. Hawkins, no seatbelt.

Julia L. A. Stolhand, following too closely.

Derek A. Mason, taxes due state.

Michael J. Dolash, speeding, 80/70.

Jasmine J. Phillips, violation of license restriction.

James Liu, failure to stay in lane.

Alberto Ruiz Sr., fail to devote attention resulting in collision.

Zoey M. Montgomery, unsafe lane change.

Dakota A. Wheeler Crowe, no seatbelt.

Tyler R. Dorsett, taxes due state.

Tyler R. Dorsett, no insurance.

Tyler R. Dorsett, improper turn.

Carl A. Schovanec, failure to yield.

Justin R. Lawler, speeding, 80/70.

Loretta K. Freels, failure to stop.

Danny L. Creswell, overweight - 2001 to 3000.

Jack A. Roselius, no seatbelt.

Michael J. Blair, no seatbelt.

Alan W. Weeks, overweight - 4001 to 5000.

Angelica M. Corona, speeding, 94/75.

Abel Ruiz Arroyo, overweight on interstate (bridge formula).

Kevin W. Nunn, overweight - 2001 to 3000.

Francisco Marquez, overweight - 3001 to 4000.

Sarahi Y. Alvarado, overweight on interstate, (bridge formula).

Morgan T. Dusold, speeding, 94/75.

Christopher K. Meek, speeding, 85/75.

Gary D. Billings, no seatbelt.

Randolph L. Hugo, no seatbelt.

Summer D. Nacguarrie, no seatbelt (passenger).


Allen K. Sweeden, possession of CDS.

Kevin N. Shobert, breaking and entering dwelling without permission.

Britney D. Cobbs, obstructing an officer.

Hollie Maldarizzi, obstructing an officer.

Jimmy B. Ridings, larceny of merchandise from a retailer.

Jose F. Avila-Arevalo, public intoxication.

Erik J. Baeli, public intoxication.

Roger S. Vongsakda, possession of CDS.

Jose L. Fuentes, possession of CDS.

Annie M. Smith, larceny.

Kevin A. Merrick, marlicious injury to property - under $1000.

Charles H. Sparks, obstructing an officer.

Arlando L. Lewis, possession of CDS.

April M. Morrow, possession of drug paraphernalia.

Edward C. Poe, assault and battery.

Timothy L. Porterfield, possession of CDS.


Kristopher S. Hauser, trafficking in illegal drugs.

Parker A. Morgan, possess firearm during commission of felony.

Douglas H. Margison III, DUI - alcohol.

Juana G. Rodriguez, grand larceny.

Zereki L. Williams, rape - 1st or 2nd degree.

Dwight G. C. Crook, showing obscene material to minor.

Earl D. Trammell, possess firearm during commission of felony.

Ronald J. Tugend, burglary, second degree.

Jeffrey A. Webb Jr., domestic assault and battery with a dangerous weapon.

Small Claims

Thoms Larue vs. Jennifer Gibson, small claims over $5000.

Tower Loans vs. Taylor A. Allman, small claims under $5000.

Tower Loans vs. Kathy L. Leverridge, small claims under $5000.

Tower Loans vs. Jessica N. Bivens, small claims under $5000.

Tower Loans vs. Brad M. Kerschner, small claims under $5000.

Tower Loans vs. Josh A. Steury, small claims under $5000.

Tower Loans vs. Lindsay N. Garrett, small claims under $5000.

Edwina Locke vs. Mitchell Bridges, forcible entry and detainer under $5000.


Midland Credit Management vs. Timothy D. Joslin, civil action $10,000 or less.

State of Oklahoma Ex Rel vs. Kristen Rader, civil action $10,000 or less.

State of Oklahoma Ex Rel vs. Michael Whitaker, civil action $10,000 or more.

Discover Bank vs. Walter Phillips, civil action $10,000 or more.

AES Drilling Fluids LLC vs. Craig Elder Oil & Gas LLC, civil action $10,000 or more.

Arvest Bank vs. Julian P. Jarrels, civil action $10,000 or more.

PSC Custom LP vs. Cargo Tank Srvs. LLC, civil action $10,000 or more.

Discover Bank vs. Karen Phillips, civil action $10,000 or more.

Marriages Filed

Thomas K. Krag, 74, of Newcastle and Terri D. Krag, 57, of Oklahoma City.

Chandler G. Haley, 24, and Holly M. Hyde, 22, both of Washington.

Justin L. T. Wilcox, 24, and Dagan J. Lampkin, 25, both of Moore.

Divorces Granted

Jacqueline J. Gordon vs. Ronny K. Gordon.

Erin M. Mitchell vs. Chad L. Mitchell.

Danyelle M. Sale vs. Timothy O. Sale.

Michelle H. Kim vs. Doyle Yoon.

Anthony Villa vs. Stephanie Bell.


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