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Brief power interruption

In parts of Purcell last Thursday around noon


Some parts of Purcell experienced a brief power outage last Thursday just before noon during a monsoon type of rain storm that blew through the area.

The rain was scattered with the downtown area getting the lions’ share of the much needed and unusual August rain.

A rain gauge on north 8th recorded 1/2” of rain but a lot more than that fell in downtown Purcell in a fairly short period of time.

A gauge in far north Purcell only picked up .2”.

While it was flooding in the downtown area no rain was falling in the north part of town and the electricity never went off during the last day of the Purcell Basketball Camp at The Reimer Center.

Power was off in some residential areas and in downtown for at least eight minutes.

Purcell Electric Department Supervisor Trey Phillips said it was the middle of town and the south part of town that were affected.

“It was caused by a bad insulator on a pole on Van Buren,” Phillips said. “When it got wet, it exploded and knocked the wire onto a wooden cross arm and we just happened to be in the area.”

Hotter temperatures and drier conditions have lingered this week.


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