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Barking up the wrong tree


I was visiting with a local educator about the challenges facing that profession.

One of the biggest problems is keeping young teachers interested in continuing to teach. To stay in the profession.

And a big reason for that is the actions of Oklahoma’s State Superintendent Ryan Walters.

Many teachers don’t think Walters has their back.

Walters is less interested in public education and much more interested in things like using public funds to fund a private Catholic school.

Like Attorney General Gentner Drummond said about the proposal.

If you fund one group you’re going to have to fund all of them, Presbyterian, Baptist, Methodist...you get the idea.

Using public funds for a private school, no matter if it’s affiliated with a church or not, is unconstitutional and we oppose Governor Stitt and Superintendent Walters supporting the idea.

Apparently they don’t care about the Oklahoma State Constitution.

Personally I don’t have any qualms if some parents choose to send their children to private schools.

That is entirely their right to do so.

Just don’t ask the taxpaying public to provide the capital for  those students.

The name of the proposed school is St. Isidore of Seville Virtual Catholic Charter School.

Hopefully people like Drummond can squelch the idea and prohibit Stitt and Walters from circumventing the constitution of the State of Oklahoma.

Those two are definitely barking up the wrong tree.


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