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A moving Memorial walk

The Goldsby Veterans Memorial always available


Although there is no special Veterans Day program planned at the Goldsby Memorial, it is open and welcoming to visitors to take a ‘Walk of Honor’ this Veterans Day.

That’s the word from Goldsby veteran Harold Harvell.

Harvell reported on the May 2009 Veterans Memorial dedication when a crowd of 500 citizens attended the event.

An Air Force B-52 bomber made a low pass over the celebration prompting attendees to say the size of the plane from wing tip to wing tip was the same size as Goldsby Town Limits.

“Everyone stood and applauded,” Harvell recollected.

The remainder of the program consisted with a full compliment of patriotic speeches, band music, flag presentations by Scout Organizations.

There were also military representations by veterans attending.

“Today, the memorial has over 1,200 engraved bricks lining the walk ways,” Harvell continued. “What a great way for our small town to show thanks and gratitude to those that served,” he said.

The ‘Walk of Honor’ shows five killed in action, two missing in action, 21 wounded in action, 23 Bronze Star recipients, two Silver Star recipients, three Distinguished Service Cross recipients, three who served in the Union Army, one served as a balloon pilot in WWI and two served as bomber crew members in WWII.

Also, five brothers served in WWII and Korea Conflict, 10 members of one family that served in wars and fathers and sons who served.

‘That’s why we get a spiritual feeling when we take the walk and read the names,” Harvell said. “We are proud of our Memorial dedicated to those that We Shall Never Forget.”


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