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5 questions with Dustin Green


Editor’s note: Answering  The Purcell Register’s five questions this week is Dustin Green, the owner of That Shop, 209 W. Main, in Purcell.

Q. How did you get into the collectibles business?

A. I was influenced by my family. A few members of my family chose agriculture, collecting and selling as careers. I’ve ended up doing all three.

I started collecting art around 14 and never stopped. I started selling art and vintage items in my 20s even during my farming years. I couldn’t stop buying and selling unique and fun items.

Q. What is your favorite item you’ve ever found?

A. This is a hard one as I’ve bought so many cool things over the years. But I would say it’s an original oil painting bought on the streets in New Orleans. Turned out that painting was going to be the event poster for a festival the year Katrina hit. 

Q. Have you ever found out something was really valuable after purchasing it?

A. Many times over, but my favorite was a bronze statue of this lion family. It was signed and numbered. Turned out it was titled Family Pride, created in 1996 by Gerald Balciar for the OKC Zoo. No need to visit the zoo to see the lions, this piece sits in my home.

Q. How far have you traveled to purchase an item?

A. All the way to Florida to grab a unique piece.

Q. How did you pick Purcell to establish your business?

A. A friend sent me a picture of the building I reside in. I called the landlord, and we had a lengthy conversation. I drove down here to view the building. Since it was a bit of a drive and I live in Norman.

I wasn’t sold on Purcell as the home for business until I met my business neighbors. From that point forward you couldn’t convince me that Purcell wasn’t the right spot for me.

Purcell is very fortunate to have a collection of business and owners gathered on Main Street.

Not only have they all supported me and each other but they’ve taught me a few things in my short time here.

I’m very happy to be here and hope to do my part in making Main Street a destination for collectors and vintage enthusiasts.


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