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Running on fumes


Quite by accident Monday morning I may have gotten a scoop.

There was a call on my cell phone and the person said do you have a minute to talk about moving Griffin Memorial Hospital in Norman to Oklahoma City.

“I understand you’re the person I need to talk to,” the person said before I could tell them otherwise.

I explained who I was and what I did, none of which has even the foggiest of anything to do with Griffin Memorial.

He then proceeded to tell me what phone number he was  given and sure enough it was my digits.

All the while he’s going off about moving the long-time facility from it current roost I’m running out of gasoline.

I had intended to get fuel on Saturday when the low fuel message popped up on my dashboard.

But I didn’t get to the gas station and then Sunday rolled around to Monday morning.

I was focused on getting to a morning photo assignment at Lexington when I checked the dash and the message was that I had five miles of fuel before I would be out.

Before I could get from the school to the highway it was already down to four miles.

In my head I figured the bridge was about a mile or more and I could probably make it to Criswell’s before the well went completely dry.

Of course I caught every light red and was again stopped at the light at Washington and Green when the call came in about moving the hospital.

Literally I was down to one mile of fuel remaining when I pulled into the pumps at Criswell’s.

That was a little too close for comfort.


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