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Purcell does well at State TSA

13 junior high students attend State Conference


Purcell Junior High students attended the State TSA Leadership Conference in Norman April 13-15.

Eighth graders attending were McKenna Martin, Paisley Nichols, Mandolin Keely, Dylan Smith, Shiv Patel, Owen Milner, Riley Moore and Nick Westmoreland.

Seventh grade students attending included Greyson Lester, Josmar Munoz, Jeremiah Harrison, Reed Clary and Kenna Lee. Sixth grade student, Aubrey Swain, also attended the conference.

State TSA Individual Results

McKenna Martin -  3rd Construction Challenge, 5th Prepared Speech, 10th Challenging Tech Issues

Mandolin Keely - 2nd Promotional Marketing, 3rd Construction Challenge

Shiv Patel - 1st Tech Bowl, 4th Dragster, 6th Electrical Apps, 7th Mass Production

Owen Milner - 1st Tech Bowl, 6th Electrical Apps, 7th Mass Production, 10th Forensic Tech

Nick Westmoreland - 1st Problem Solving, 7th Mass Production, 8th JR Solar Sprint

Riley Moore - 1st Problem Solving, 3rd Flight,  4th Project Fair, 8th JR Solar Sprint

Dylan Smith - 3rd Cybersecurity Foundations, 5th Electrical Applications, 6th Off The Grid

Kenna Lee - 2nd JR Solar Sprint, 6th Website Design

Paisley Nichols - 1st Tech Bowl, 5th Digital Photography, 10th Challenging Tech Issues, 10th Forensic Technology

Aubrey Swain - 1st Flight, 6th Website Design

Greyson Lester - 1st Dragster, 5th Electrical Applications

Josmar Munoz - 2nd Dragster, 2nd Junior Solar Sprint


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