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Past tired of flag disrespect


Happy Anniversary to my roommate, Gracie.

She celebrates her 42nd anniversary August 4.


When over 99 percent of the new COVID cases are from people that are not vaccinated would it occur to you that those folks need to get the shot?

After the initial vaccine rollout we had a little bit of a handle on the pandemic.

But now the cases are rising. Deaths are rising and hospitalizations are on the uptick.

Big time.

We are headed right back where we were back in March of 2020.

And that is partly because over half of the country and way over half of Oklahomans who have not been vaccinated.

We should put more stock in caring about our fellow man.

We should put more stock in caring for our children and grandchildren who can’t get the vaccine.

The virus is taking off again and it seems like it’s the unvaccinated who are fanning the flames.

Let’s put this pandemic behind us.


Before I fall off my soapbox, I want to get this off my chest.

I am way past tired of athletes trying to make political statements by disrespecting the flag of the United States of America.

If they don’t like it here then please move to a country that will make you happy.

Otherwise, just buck up, stand up and hold your hand over your heart.


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